My design for Ari Shaffir is finally available on a shirt you can wear on your body!

i made this for ari shaffir’s podcast the skeptic tank about a year ago after he left a nice comment on one of my illustrations. he dug it and sent me an email recently saying he wants to use it for something. so i went back and re-edited it with dem new calarts skillz.

ari’s career has really taken off since a year ago and he’s doing this new series, This is Not Happening where he has comics tell their most crazy story on different topics. as a comedy nerd, this is all pretty exciting. 

Ari Shaffir’s podcast called the Skeptic Tank is one of my favorites. Each episode hones in on one individual topic and often gives me a new way of viewing it. If you’re curious, I recommend the following:

Artsy Fartsy Ari talks to a watercolor painter, Ashley Snow Macomber, about the art world and her views on it. I find myself agreeing with her perspective particularly about how she feels about the average person being intimidated by going to an art museum because they feel they need to know art history in order to appreciate.

Holocaust Couple Ari interviews two holocaust survivors that found love during tragic times and have remained together ever since. Stories like these are always a good reminder to appreciate.

Prostitutti Frutti Ari interviews a high end “provider”. This one is pretty fascinating and definitely one of my favorites.