what i think when people say they lie as a phrase.

jacoba-hdoesatumbl asked: any tips on drawing faces? i struggle with them the most.

In terms of getting the likeness, one tip I learned from my second year figure drawing class at calarts is getting the shape of the person’s face down. 

For instance, I looked at this image of Stephen Colbert


And even if you simplify the rest of the face and he still retains his Colbert-yness


Shading can help amplify the particular way shadows fall on his face for more likeness.


That’s just been my recent approach and I still struggle to improve on drawing faces. This is just a quick example and I hope it helps.

In terms of drawing faces realistically that really comes down to just practicing drawing portraits and taking life drawing classes. Also don’t focus too much on one feature of the face because usually later you learn that that eye you just spent 10 minutes on is pretty crooked in proportion to the rest of the face. It’s best to lay down a rough pass before going in detailing hardcore. Also break things down into simple shapes! Everything, I’ve learned, can be broken down into basic shapes.

Anonymous asked: Sorry if this is the wrong space to send this (since it's not a question and this is the ask tab-thing) but I just wanted to say this, your blog is awesome. I mean, everything from the design, which is stunning, to the content is awesome. I don't really know why I wanted to say this so much but I have and I mean it. Please stay awesome.

Wow, thank you. Your comments really do mean a lot especially when I’m working on getting my career started. And that means most of the time I’m alone in a room.

Sometimes nice things are easy to think but easier to never tell the person (I’m working on expressing my nice thoughts to people when I think ‘em).

I’m happy you did write and I hope you see this.

Btw, feel free to use the ask box for anything. It’s a way to communicate with me.

Finn and jake enjoying the moment. #inktober

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More brush pen fun! #inktober #lookbook #ladies

Giving this pentel #brushpen a spin. #inktober

I just want to see Venus Flytraps more




feelin good to draw again #inktober

Anonymous asked: Your art really reminds me of the Cartoon Network show "Steven Universe." The bubbly and colourful aspect it has, everything! I really hope you learn from CN's internship, it's really a great opportunity to sharpen your already-amazing skills!

That’s a big compliment. Steven Universe’s crew is inspiring. I definitely learned a lot at my time with CN. Thank you for the encouragement!


clicking and dragging is hard work, you guys

messed with the oculus rift over the weekend and imagined future dilemmas.