The faces and turns of my three small-town-teens ¬†from the film I’m working on!

Made a booklet with all my comics to give out for portfolio day. Also learned how difficult it is to staple in the middle of paper. It’s got that handmade quality. Aka unevenness. (at California Institute of the Arts)

the 3rd and final character turn from my film this year

Anonymous asked: No question. Just wanted to tell you that I love the Ari Shaffir T-Shirt artwork. He had a link to your site so I figured I would take a peek. You should think about designing something for his other podcast Punch Drunk Sports. Anyway, take care and keep up the good work.

thanks man!

Anonymous asked: How did you go about interning at Cartoon Network was it through your school entirely or did you apply online?

i did apply online but a good word really does go a long way.

They spelled my name right and everything.

masters of the universe redesigns for class

thatpartwhereiart asked: Hello! My name is Clare; I'm a senior in high school and an aspiring artist. I am trying to make college decisions between two schools: an art school and a prestigious state school. To help me I want to ask artists I admire on tumblr: What are your thoughts on going to art school? If you don't have the time/don't want to answer this, that's cool and if you do reply, thanks a bunch, this would really help me. :)

Hey Clare. Thank you. 

I just recently answered a question about my thoughts on art school here:

I went to my state university after high school and tried to take the artsiest major there but was dissatisfied. And I started researching art schools around the nation. No other state school could compare to the classes offered at the art schools—at least it fit the direction I wanted to go in with in my art.

As long as you are willing to seek out the information you feel you need to know to become a better artist, it doesn’t matter where you study. Start the habit of becoming self efficient and dependant on yourself because in the end it’s your choice to pursue art.

Feel free to ask me anything else you’re curious about (I don’t have to answer publicly. Figured others could benefit from reading this particular answer)

kookyatmosphere asked: What you did after you completed your secondary education? How does one who is interested in animation, cartooning, etc go about after his/her secondary education in your opinion? Is art school necessary or just a waste of money and time?

Sorry for the late response just saw this in my inbox. I haven’t completed college yet. And it comes down to what you want to do. A class may be boring but it’s up to you to make it interesting for yourself. You don’t have to go to art school to make art. But it helps to study art so that you make great art. You can do this studying on your own but there are benefits to being taught by professionals and people who’s work you respect.

One route costs less to pursue but your progress relies entirely on yourself—meaning you don’t have a school/deadline schedule to build your time around. So you have to be a pretty motivated person. The other route will probably put you in financial debt but you gain connections and inspiration from people around you. And it’s not that you don’t have to have as much motivation as the previous route—it’s just that you have classmates and mentors who encourage you.

Does this answer your question?

freelancerraiko asked: So now you're Cartoon Network's free labor?

Nope, I’m Cartoon Network’s paid labor.

Also for those who asked—I’ll be interning on Regular Show

I got an internship at Cartoon Network yesterday morning and drew this comic about it.

Anonymous asked: Why does that girl in your drawing have such a thin waist?

or big head? and small feet? The exaggeration is for character but mostly for contrasting shapes. which makes a character more interesting for the eye. that’s what they say anyway

I had a #journey that started with discovering a swing outside my dorms. #calarts #life

Here is the poster I made for my slice-of-life second year film. I made it to call out to voice actors.

Buuut if anyone out there in tumblr land is interested in voicing (from left to right) Flo Wilder, Burr Ikkid and Granite Gable contact me with your work!